Development of medical devices

We will turn your idea into a mass-produced medical device!

The development and design of medical devices is a science-intensive creative process carried out by professional developers who have extensive knowledge in the technical and medical fields.

The FRONIKA GROUP company employs professional engineers, medical specialists, and designers. The company cooperates with leading specialized universities, medical organizations and manufacturing enterprises.

Our specialists have developed medical equipment and devices: diagnostic microscopes for gynecology and ophthalmology, laser surgical complexes based on them, medical chairs, items for rectoscopy, as well as “medical light” (lamps, illuminators). They have experience in the development of elements of hip and knee endoprostheses, as well as sets of tools for their installation.

A high level of professional training allows us to successfully solve the task of developing a medical device.

The design and creation of prototypes of medical devices can be represented by the following stages:

  1. Development of a design input for a medical device, which shall specify the operational, technical and economic requirements for the product.
  2. Research and development work:
  • scientific studies;
  • technological studies (including materials science expertise, etc.)
  • option analysis;
  • concept formulation;
  1. Draft design of a medical device, which includes preparing design diagrams, general drawings of the product and nodes, as well as a note explaining the design parameters and economic indicators.
  2. 3D modeling with elaboration of all nodes and appearance.
  3. Development of design documentation for the approved model (drawings, assemblies, specifications, records)
  4. Manufacturing a prototype sample of a medical device with designers’ support (at this stage, it may be necessary to update the design documentation for the capabilities of a particular production).
  5. Testing of the prototype sample
  6. Updating the design documentation based on the test results.

Other work stages are possible at your request.

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